Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wilhelm Sasnal / Marc Jacobs

Mr.Sasnal. Text by Susie Ruchton. Fantastic Man. S/S 2008. 
excerpted text and quotes:

In 2006 Sasnal expanded his oeuvre to include face-painting, this time executed in the name of fashion: alongside drummer Meg White, he modeled in the Marc Jacobs campaign, his face blacked out with the ink he uses for cartoon work. 

"'I didn't really know who Marc Jacobs was'claims Sasnal, whose modelling potential had been identified by campaign photographer Juergen Teller. His dirty-looking face in those glossy ads had a curious resonance among fellow Poles. 'At that time there was this big discussion in France about how since our country joined the EU, Polish plumbers were taking jobs from the French,' he says,'and so the 'Polish plumber' became a synonym for these labour invaders. And a friend of mine said I looked like a Polish plumber in these pictures. Which is such a brilliant idea.' Still, he wasn't so subversive that he didn't keep the expensive coat he wears in the ads. 'I like it a lot. I wear it sometimes. It's a bit too elegant for me.'"

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