Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As Banks Change, So Does The Art

Photographs by fashionartedit

As Banks Change, So Does The Art. By Clara Ferreira-Marques. International Herald Tribune. 04.22.08. 
excerpted text and quotes: 

"The shift to contemporary art also fits with a need to bring collections into the corporate structure, where they are used to reflect the brand. It is also a way to keep spending in check" (Clara Ferreira-Marques )

"It is about competition and it's about showing they are sophisticated and modern" (Prue O'Day, director of the art advisory firm Anderson O'Day,)

"Businesses have become more outward-looking. They have been forced to keep in touch with generation X, generation Y" (Chris Turner, chairman of the London arts committee at the law firm Clifford Chance)

"We see art as connecting us with new ideas, artists representing the new generation. It is very easy in some professions to get a bit remote from what is going on" (Chris Turner)

"It is not a museum we are buying for, it is an active business" (Alistair Hicks, an art adviser at Deutsche Bank)

"They don't necessarily see it as an investment. It's an investment in terms of bringing energy into the building and making people look - and look twice." (Prue O'Day)

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