Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Alexander McQueen

"The Full McQueeny". Text by Anne Riley-Katz and Samantha Conti. WWD. 04.08.08.
excerpted text:

"Meet 'Angels' of the Americas', the strapping seraphim of stainless steel who starting today will greet visitors to Alexander McQueen's new store in all its shiny, anatomically correct glory. The store, on the corner of Melrose and Orlando, features a high-drama skylight though which the sculpture, by Robert Muir, appears to be ascending to observe the L.A. skyline."

"Los Angeles is the City of Angels. I wanted something to reflect that." (Alexander McQueen)

"L.A., like London, has so many art collectors and I wanted to give a focal point to the store. I was also inspired by the Jesus Christ Statue in Rio de Janeiro. Los Angeles is the City of Angels and I wanted something to reflect that." (Alexander McQueen)

"A billboard above the store is to serve as an unlikely canvas, showing work by collaborating artists."

"In times of recession, I think fashion is escapism. It's sort of a luxury sort of escapism. When I started in fashion, England was in a recession with Margaret Thatcher. I think it's a great time for new growth." (Alexander McQueen) 

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