Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cathy Horyn

Photographs by fashionartedit

Cathy Horyn. By Ezra Petronio. Self Service. S/S 08.
excerpted quotes:

"It's a story about Rei Kawakubo, and I'm trying to write about why she's still relevant today, whether she is still influential or not. She's been very influential in the past, but it;s extremely hard for people to be influential in fashion now. Times change, people move on and try different things, but she's still - obviously important, and relevant, but what makes her influential? Why do we go to her shows? I'm asking that question." (Cathy Horyn)

"I worry about that all the time. Sometimes it completely bores me. But I love thinking about a collection in intellectual, or emotional or artistic terms when the designer has made that extra effort." (Cathy Horyn)

"It's unfair. Life is unfair, and it will be difficult for Hussein Chalayan, because he is extremely talented and he is driven as an artist. He is also at that place where some of the new stuff that he does for the second line is so good, but I don't think he really wants to believe that it's as good as it is. He wants to go with the technological-progressive pursuit, which is great too! But you may have to decide to fish or cut bait, as we say in America. Or look at Raf Simons. I mean, there's a guy who went for a long time with very little attention. He didn't seek the attention, but he also really didn't get the attention, bot in a big sense". (Cathy Horyn)

"Yes, and it was such a small world that he was talking to, and he created a very small business from that. But when he went to Jil Sander and the majority of the women's editors are now seeing him for the very first time. The reason I brought him up in the context of Hussein is that he's probably, for a variety of reasons, in abetter position to influence what's going on now, and to have stuff seen by people, than Hussein is. And it;s not to say anything against Hussein, because I think that the guy is brilliant. But its partly what the times allow, and it's partly what the values are. The values are so different today. We're in a celebrity moment." (Cathy Horyn)

Hussein Chalayan S/S 2007. 

Raf Simons S/S 2006. 

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funny how kathy horyn lost it with raf simmons. she is totally obesses. like, she digs him or something.
how creepy