Sunday, April 20, 2008


Photographs by fashionartedit

Uncensored. By Carlol Vogel. Vogue Hommes International. S/S 2008.
excerpted text:

Tobias Meyer: 'Among collector's, there's no doubt that eroticism in art implies beauty as well as desire. Take the work of Richard Prince: why are his Nurse paintings so expensive, not his car hoods?' he queries, referring to the artist's images of naughty nurses taken from pulp romance novels, as opposed to Prince's more sterile sculptures of car bonnets. 'The Nurses are bought for their exoticism. People want to possess them because they are about desire. The car hoods are not. It's all about fantasy...'"

"'We are in a very voyeuristic society today, the Internet has created a generation of voyeurs,' says Tobias Meyer. 'Look what Tom Ford did with his new perfume, with regard to the campaign [shot by Terry Richardson]for men's perfume, where the bottle is strategically placed, in one ad between a woman's breasts and, in another, between her thighs."

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