Friday, April 11, 2008

Neville Wakefield / Shea Spencer

Neville Wakefield / Shea Spencer. He. Issue#5. Winter/Spring 07-08. 

excerpted quotes

"Artists make product and commodity anyway, it's what they do. I think it's more of a question of convincing a different market that art is an interesting thing to participate in." (Neville Wakefield)

"What we try to do is work with people who really want to try hard to make great images. I guess if that makes them an artist, then that's great, but it's our job to translate that to people on a commercial level. And to make them feel OK about that, and help them understand that there's a fresher way of looking at things. It helps us that there's this sort of stalemate, with all the same people shooting the same jobs all the time. I think that our clients are excited about a fresh perspective, from people who don't necessarily come from that venue, or that group-think." (Shea Spencer)

"Certainly the fashion box encloses only about six or seven photographers, and it hasn't really changed in the last decade. So the conditions were receptive to us offering a different vision. Thinking outside that box." (Neville Wakefield)

"What 's interesting is that art has become a luxury brand that fashion now looks to in order to create a sort of market share. Whether it's Richard Prince or Olafur Eliasson doing Louis Vuitton - the polarities have sort of switched a bit. The art world is now competing with the fashion world in terms of glamour. It's being divided up into a sort of seasonal thing with the sales and the market. So I think those things have changed, and make the art world much more part of the commercial world. For quite a while, artists have had a very small, limited audience. But with W, suddenly they can find themselves on a cover of a big magazine. That changes everything." (Neville Wakefield)


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