Saturday, April 19, 2008

Michael Govan, LACMA

The Art of Persuasion. Dodie Kazanjian. Vogue. May 2008. 
excerpted quotes: 

"The good art today isn't painting. As you go into the twenty-first century, you see media taking over, right?" (Michael Govan)

"See, painting is good for bags now." (Michael Govan)

"Contemporary art is extremely fashionable right now. But how many artists really survive?" (Michael Govan)

"It's easy to be cynical about this sloshing back and forth between art galleries and high-fashion luxury goods, but there's hardly an artist who doesn't seek some kind of commercial or popular success, and I don't know many brilliant designers who don't want to be known in historical terms. I think that both seek both, and that history sorts it out." (Michael Govan)

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