Friday, April 18, 2008

Mr. Schuman

Mr. Schuman. By Tim Blanks. Fantastic Man. S/S 2008. 
excerpted text and quotes:

"My biggest photographic influence growing up in the 80s was Bruce Weber. Not in the sense of how Weber shot sexy guys, but the way he used saturated light. I shoot detaisl of a suit or as carf in the way he shot a house in A House is Not a Home. He has an eye for the way people express themselves in their houses. That book was a major inspiration for me. He shot so many different kinds of people: his neighbour in Montana, a billionaire, everyone shot with the same integrity and respect. A lot of fashion photographers shoot people at a lower level. 'Wink, wink, I'm better than them.'" 

"For his recent exhibition at the Chelsea gallery Danziger Projects, Shuman showed a telling selection of his favorite images. Two young Muslim girls in Stockholm and a Hassidic guy in Brooklyn, leaning against a red firebox ith his hat tipped forward, shared wall with regular subjects like Carine Roitfeld and Emanuelle Alt."

"It's more than clothes, it's a little bit of attitude. Even though their styles are so different that they mightn't relate to each other in real life, they have a really similar kind of personality." 

The Satorialist's Exhibition. Danziger Projects. 

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