Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Takashi Murakami / Karl Lagerfeld / Carine Roitfeld

Photographs by fashionartedit

Time 100. Takashi Murakami / Karl Lagerfeld / Carine Roitfeld. Time. 05.12 .08. 
excerpted text:

"Our collaboration has produced a lot of works and has been a huge influence and inspiration to many. It has been and continues to be a monumental marriage of art and commerce. The ultimate crossover—one for both the fashion and art history books. The best part is that it continues, it grows, it morphs and still excites. Our efforts have come full circle. And I get to keep playing this game of catch ball with a great artist—and friend."(Marc Jacobs on Takasi Murakami)

"Now, through his work, fashion originates from the street, the media—anywhere. This has resulted in exciting collections that are provocative and sensual. His unrelenting experimentation in fashion, art and photography offers us endless possibilities yet is always grounded and relevant." (Zaha Hadid on Karl Lagerfeld)

"With time I discovered that we shared a few principles: a preference for the "now" rather than the "new," a preference for imperfection rather than so-called good taste and an attitude driven by intuition rather than reason. Most of all, she has an innate ability to mix street culture and society, always avoiding the caricatures that can define both worlds and always recognizing the mix of both worlds as the only catalyst of energy and creativity." (Hedi Slimane on Carine Roitfeld)

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