Sunday, May 25, 2008

Superheroes / Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photographs by fashionartedit

Super-Duper Comic Relief at the Met's Superheroes Show. Lynn Yeager. Village Voice. 05.20.08.
excerpted text:

"Even under these challenging circumstances, the Met remains determinedly high-concept; the topic may be pop, but the execution remains." (Lynn Yeager)

"Well, what do you know? Can it be mere coincidence that a spidery glass-and-crystal dress by Signor Giorgio Armani is prominently featured in the 'Graphic Body' tableau? Oh, and look—isn't that gunmetal frock with enormous round shoulders by the same designer? Armani just happens to be the sponsor of this exhibit! (Far better to have included one of his iconic '80s women's suits, the uniform that saw a generation of empowered females ascend the career ladder. Now that was an armored body.) Well, count your blessings—if Ralph Lauren had sponsored the show, we'd be getting metallic equestrian jackets and spiderweb jodhpurs." (Lynn Yeager)

"Oh, well. These sponsored shows raise so much money for the Costume Institute that Koda has told me wearily on more than one occasion that without this financing, there would be no Costume Institute at all." (Lynn Yeager)

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