Saturday, May 17, 2008

Christian Lacroix

Photographs by fashionartedit

Christian Lacroix. By Stephen Todd. Pin-Up issue 4, Summer 2008. 
excerpted text:

"As he celebrates the 20th anniversary of his eponymous house, he is increasingly turning his attention to interior space as the theatre of his own riotous mix-and-mismatch take on decoration. Like his eclectic fashions, which readily blend 19th-century silhouettes, Pop Art patterns with references to bullfights and Infantas, My Fair Lady and Baby Jane (the Bette Davis vehicle and the Warhol superstar), his interiors are a riotous melange of misalliances. It's a style - if indeed "style is the correct word..." (Stephen Todd)

"I'm not trained as an architect, not even as a decorator really, so my approach is really intuitive." (Christian Lacroix)

"I think it's not because it's not really my metier that I can be more daring in my interior design work. When you do something full-time, as your job, you fall so easily into marketing. You ask yourself, 'Will People like this? Or prefer that?' You begin to pre-empt the market's reaction. I don't need to do that - I am a happy dilettante. My approach to an interior space is very candid, innocent in a way." (Christian Lacroix)

"It feels like my destiny to be doing this...Today, it feels like I am rediscovering that childhood dream". (Christian Lacroix)

Christian Lacroix S/S 2008. 

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