Thursday, May 1, 2008

Guy Bourdin

Photographs by fashionartedit

Weaving Imagination Anew: Guy Bourdin. By Augusto Pieroni. Muse. Spring 2008. 
excerpted text:

"An artist such as Bourdin, who comes from and studies in a specific art context, ended up like Lisette Model in hiding in the new communication context, playing hie-and-seek with history; determined not to bend to the rituals of galleries or museums but destined to create quantity and quality within the media context: he moves on from the "bottom" of high fashion. from the dark corners of glamour to produce alive-and-kicking popular culture on the - often double - pages of glossy magazines. Too bad the outcome is this sectional knowledge, for his language could easily be appreciated for its cross-features which operate on art and photographic traditions by re-combing and founding them anew."

"Bourdin and Mapplethrope, have so clearly stated that sex is a huge seduction machine that only photography can show in all its obsessiveness." 

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