Saturday, May 3, 2008

Martin Margiela

Photograph by fashionartedit

Art Versus Commerce: Can Margiela Expand Without Selling Out? By Miles Socha. WWD. 05.02.08. 
excerpted text:

"But does the designer's participation in such expansion activity suggest that finally, Margiela is selling out on long-held principles — some would say pretensions — in favor of cashing in on fashion's more mainstream spoils?" (Miles Socha)

"I always worked to maintain the status of this brand as very high, and since the acquisition, I think it's even higher" (Renzo Rosso)

"Margiela himself continues to maintain a strict policy of invisibility: never showing his face or granting interviews, instead dispatching information or answering questions via e-mail on behalf of the Maison Martin Margiela."(Miles Socha)

"Speaking on condition of anonymity, former Margiela employees described how a sectlike design staff with an underground ethos and patchy payroll has morphed into an efficient, modern fashion company, but not without a price." (Miles Socha)

"He's [Martin Margiela] very involved. He touches every product. He's absolutely excited by those new projects." (Giovanni Pungetti, CEO)

"According to me, we are hot because we are democratic, we are ourselves and we don't like to shout." (Giovanni Pungetti, CEO)

Martin Margiela F/W 06-07. 

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