Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chanel Mobile Art, Zaha Hadid / Hong Kong

Photographs by fashionartedit

Chanel Mobile Art, Zaha Hadid / Hong Kong. Text by Joachim Bessing. Photography by Virgile Bertrand. Qvest. April / May 2008. 
excerpted text:

"Under the creative leadership of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel not only developed into one of the largest, if not the largest fashion companies in the world by sales, but, with creative ideas like this, it has also repeatedly shown that this thoroughly modern brand will remain true to the spirit of the company once created by Coco Chanel."

"The exhibition reflects Chanel's status as a driving force of popular culture and pop-art. The featured artists - among them Nobuyoshi Araki, Lee Bul, Sophie Calle, Sylvie Fleury, Stephen Shore and Yoko Ono - have each contributed works influenced, some more obviously than others, by now-iconic Chanel products. And, even if it doesn't bear the company logo, the museum itself is so Chanelesque in appearance that it serves as proof of how strong the corporate identity created by Karl Lagerfeld is, even in this exotic environment and without the interlocking C sign: black-and-white shiny means Chanel."

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