Sunday, March 23, 2008

Walk of Art

"Walk of Art". Text by Nicole Urbanowicz. WWD Accessories. Spring 2008. 
excerpted text:

"Walk this way" unites shoes with their artistic muses throughout the centuries. Examples include Vivienne Westwood platform shoes from her spring 1991 collection in a twill-weave pattern set alongside 18th century silk damask fabric; Turkish bath stilts with an 1870 npainting, Moorish Bath, by Jean-Leon Gerome, and 17th century square-toed numbers alongside their diminutive style twins in a Margaret Gibbs portrait. Miu Miu's rococo-inspired platform wedges from the fall 2006 collection are flanked by similarly gilded 18th century wood panels. And a pair of Delman strappy heels worn by Marylin Monroe is next to Andy Warlhol's 1967 Pop Art depiction of the sultry silk gem."  

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