Thursday, March 27, 2008

Miuccia Prada "The Patroness"

Miuccia Prada. Interview by Michael Kimmelman. New York Times Magazine. March 23, 2008.
excerpted quotes:  

"Anything you learn makes you feel more open"

"Art is more or less my second career. You meet people by chance. Mariko Mori, for example, in New York. She had a dream. I was pushing artists toward big projects. That was then. For two years we did movies. We tried a convention with artists and philosophers. That didn't work. You know when you're doing something relevant or just doing something." 

"In the last few years, I have come to understand the value of fashion."

"I always felt guilty about being interested in it, but now I can say that it's creative work and it relates to the world, and people buy because it means something to them beyond the logo, I'm sure. I appreciate the business part of it as an honest business transaction. I wouldn't have said this 20 years ago, but to be an entrepreneur is creative. Why be a fake moralist and say you don't care about money - all though to say I do it for money is crazy."

"I say all this because it was a little ridiculous how I wanted to keep entirely separate the art and fashion. In the end, I'm the same person. At the moment, I'm very happy to be a designer because some women like to put my dresses on, while mane people in art are frustrated with all the money and they are asking what does it mean."

"I'm searching". 

"We're not so naive as to think that we don't contribute to this business" (Carsten Holler). 

"But it's beyond money. Above all, I think it's about the fact that she's afraid of being vulgar" (Cartsen Holler).

"You can say that, but with Miuccia, the transfer from art is never straight. She's never trying to play the artist" (Thomas Demand). 

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