Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jeff Koons

Photographs by fashionartedit

Iona on Top (Rosa Background) (detail), 1990
Estimate 2,000,000 - 3,000,000. Contemporary Art Day auction at Sotheby's New York, Nov 12 2009.

Jeff Koons

Excerpt from interview with Jeff Koons by Anthony Barzilay Freund in Sotheby's at Auction, Nov 2009.

"Everything's in play, but maybe not everything comes together in some methaphysical way that maintains interest and can really function as a work of art."

"I don't think we care about objets and we really don't care about images but we care aboput people."

"I don't have any regrest. Artistically I take what I do as a very moral activity and I take the act of making art as something that connects me to others and that allows my own life experience to be more intense."

"In one way it is a very simple process. The only thing you can do if you want to make a work of art is to trust yourself and follow your interests. But then it becomes very metaphysical, time begins to shift and connections are made. I never know exactly where I come up with something or exactly why. I can make certain references: yes, I remember this day seeing this object or yes, I was curious about that, but it becomes very strange and unexplainable about how you end up where you do."

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