Thursday, June 19, 2008

Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang To Stage First Solo Exhibition. By Godfrey Deeny.Fashion Wire Daily. 06.12.08.
excerpted text:

Helmut Lang is to stage his solo art exhibition, the latest example of signs of life by the man once regarded as the most influential fashion designer on the planet. (Godfrey Deeny)

Entitled “Helmut Lang – Alles Gleich Schwer,” or All Has Equal Weight, the solo effort will be staged in Hanover as part of a major event named Hanover Goes Fashion, with some 10 exhibitions held in leading museums and institutes. Lang’s show will be staged in the German city’s Kestnergesellschaft and curated by Neville Wakefield and Frank-Thorsten Moll. (Godfrey Deeny)

“The continuity is that I’m expressing what’s important to me with the appropriate form, content and context through different mediums and other dimensions” (Helmut Lang)

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